COMM Center LogoQ: What is the protocol for offering workshop facilitation as a class assignment?
A: Please see these guidelines, which you can share with your students.

Q: I’d like to offer class credit or extra  to my student’s for attending workshops. How do I do this?
A: Either have your own system to verify they attended workshops (such as having them write a reflective piece and/or having them get a signature from the facilitator). Or email sjsucommcenter@gmail.com for inclusion in a shared Google doc to verify attendance.

Q: I’d like to facilitate a workshop!
A: Great! Email sjsucommcenter@gmail.com with the following information. Scroll through our workshop calendar to see our past offerings.

Q: I'd like to offer credit or extra credit for my students to meet with a tutor, how will I know if they've done so?

A: With our new online appointment system you will receive a post-session email (just let your students know to provide your email!).

Q: I need a space for an event, meeting, etc.
A: Great! Email sjsucommcenter@gmail.com and let us know the date/time, how many people you’re expecting, and any technology needs.

Q: What spaces may I reserve?
A: How about these?

  • HGH 241-253 (except 245) may be reserved during COMM Center hours, email sjsucommcenter@gmail.com to reserve.
  • HGH 233 and 235 are open for drop-in use during COMM Center hours.
  • Events/meetings may be scheduled in 229 and 255 depending upon availability (workshops take priority).