Fall 2017 Information

To add 1 unit of COMM 80, use a section number and a course number from the list below. Select numbers on the same row.

Section Number   Course Number
01   40147 FULL!
02   40148 FULL!
03   40149 FULL!
04   40954
05   40955 FULL!
06   40956

You don't need an add code to sign up for COMM 80.

COMM 80 is a flexible, one-unit credit/no credit opportunity to enrich and enhance your oral and written communication skills!

Enrollment & Requirements

  • Enroll in any open section of COMM 80 using MySJSU. You don't need an add code to sign up for COMM 80.
  • Attend a 15-minute course orientation at the beginning of the semester (see the calendar for times).
  • Complete your choice of three activities, any combination of self-paced online modules (available through Canvas) or workshops (see calendar). There are no other required meetings or exams! You pick the three activities that best suit your communication needs. See the COMM 80 Syllabus.
  • New for Fall 2017: Do you need a "Petition for Excess Units" form to add this one unit? Download it here.

If you're interested in learning more about COMM 80, visit us in the COMM Center or contact