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Would you like to work in the Communication Center?

The majority of Center staff are students!

Students get great hands-on work experience, while also earning academic credit through COMM 198.

We are the only Center on campus that offers Certified Tutor Training through the National Association of Communication Centers (NACC), part of the National Communication Association (NCA). All students who complete a semester in the COMM Center receive a certificate from the NACC.

All SJSU students are welcome to apply to work in the COMM Center as a Coach or Writing Consultant. Keep reading for details on each position and how to apply.

Apply Now!How to Apply

Submit a résumé through our online application form. Once we have reviewed your application, we will send you information about our training and an add code for COMM 198.  

Working in the COMM Center fulfills one unit of COMM 198 (Applied activity) and may be repeated a second semester to complete the full 198 COMM Studies requirement; students typically complete one unit per semester through the COMM Center. For more information about the course, see the COMM 198 Syllabus. Each unit of 198 requires 50 hours of work, which includes the training and 3-hour weekly tutoring shift. 


COMM Center Coaches primarily provide support for students learning the art of public speaking. Coaches are proficient public speakers, who are eager to share their knowledge of oratory with others. Coaches work three hours per week in the COMM Center, serving students who drop in for help with speeches, as well as deepening their own public speaking skills by leading workshops and facilitating COMM 80 students.


COMM Center Mentors are advanced orators, with exceptional public speaking and overall communication skills. They often have served as a COMM Center Coach for at least one semester. Mentors continue to provide peer coaching, but they also focus on a particular topic in COMM Studies and develop related workshops that are offered through the COMM Center. Serving as a COMM Center Mentor is a great way to explore potentially moving on to a graduate program in Communication Studies.

Writing Consultants

COMM Center Writing Consultants are avid wordsmiths with a love for the written language. They are successful writers, who have earned a B+ or higher in COMM 100W and garnered an instructor's recommendation. Writing Consultants tutor writing both in the COMM Center and online. They also work on an individual writing project and publish The Bolt Magazine, a flash non-fiction magazine.

Fall 2018 Information

Apply Now!Application and Selection Process

Complete the online application form ASAP to secure your add code; the first round of applications are reviewed April 13 (and positions are competitive!).

There is mandatory training that covers important information about running the COMM Center, the students we serve, readings on pedagogy, and much more (fun!); attendance at both training sessions is required.

Mark Your Calendar:

Mandatory Training:

Friday, September 7 

Friday, September 14

Regular Shifts:

Begin: Monday, September 10

End: Thursday, December 6