For Faculty

COMM Center LogoThe SJSU Communication Center is a great place to offer workshops for students and faculty.

Each semester approximately 300 students enroll in COMM 80, our one-unit course in communication skills. Throughout the semester, these students attend our workshops.

Because our workshops are open to all SJSU students and attendance is taken, faculty often provide credit to students for attending our workshops. We are happy to email faculty a list of their students who attended.

If you would like to offer a workshop through the COMM Center, we would be thrilled to have you! Please take a moment to read through our FAQ, then send us an email at



Q: How can I verify that my student attended a COMM Center Workshop?
A: Either have your own system to verify they attended workshops (such as having them write a reflective piece and/or having them get a signature from the facilitator). Or email for inclusion in a shared Google doc to verify attendance.

Q: I’d like to facilitate a workshop!
A: Great! Email with the following information. Scroll through our workshop calendar to see our past offerings.

Q: I'd like to offer credit or extra credit for my students to meet with a tutor, how will I know if they've done so?

A: With our new online appointment system you will receive a post-session email (just let your students know to provide your email!).

Q: How can non-COMM students benefit from use of the Center?
A: Breakout rooms are available for anyone to reserve if in need of a quiet place to work, and any 100W students would benefit from working with one of our writing consultants for feedback on their work. 

Q: How can non-COMM instructors benefit from the Center? 
A: In addition to providing confirmations of tutoring visits with speech coaches and writing tutors, those who enroll in COMM 80 can develop transferrable skills that can serve students in non-COMM courses as well.

Q: What sort of support system do those enrolled in COMM 80 have access to? 
A: Each student enrolled in COMM 80 is assigned to a COMM Center tutor and will receive personalized support and feedback, the benefits of which can extend to presentation and writing-based coursework.

Q: I need a space for an event, meeting, etc.
A: Great! Email and let us know the date/time, how many people you’re expecting, and any technology needs.

Q: What spaces may I reserve?
A: How about these?

  • HGH 241-253 (except 245) may be reserved during COMM Center hours, email to reserve.
  • HGH 233 and 235 are open for drop-in use during COMM Center hours.
  • Events/meetings may be scheduled in 229 and 255 depending upon availability (workshops take priority).