Fall 2021 Information

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Section Number   Course Number
01   40743
02   40118
03   40119
04   40600
05   47483
06   47484

You don't need an add code to sign up for COMM 80.

COMM 80 is a flexible, one-unit credit/no credit opportunity to enrich and enhance your oral and written communication skills! We specialize in public speaking support--helping you prepare your speeches and presentations for other classes and contexts.

Enrollment & Requirements

  • Enroll in any open section of COMM 80 using MySJSU. You don't need an add code to sign up for COMM 80.
  • Complete your choice of three activities, any combination of self-paced online modules (available through Canvas) or online workshops. There are no other required meetings or exams! You pick the three activities that best suit your communication needs. 
  • Work smarter, not harder! If you're taking a public speaking class (such as COMM 20/20N/40, etc.) or any class with speeches or presentations, COMM 80 will help you prepare your speeches AND will partner you with a public speaking tutor (Speech Coach).
  • Do you need to petition for excess units to add class? 

    If you are at your unit limit you may complete an "Excess Units Petition for Undergraduate Students" form. The form asks you to include a short statement describing why you need each of the courses you are currently enrolled in AND those they are seeking to add.  You may write this for COMM 80 if you are taking it along with COMM 20 or another course with speeches: “COMM 80 is needed to provide supplemental instruction and support for my [insert course name and number here].”

If you're interested in learning more about COMM 80, visit us in the COMM Center or contact