Preparing for a Workshop

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Workshops are at least 75 minutes long with a required pre-work or post-work. Pre-work varies, so read the workshop description carefully (examples of past work: a short reading, watching an online video, or writing a short reflection to a prompt).

Post-work also varies but the most common assignment is a reflection paper. Those enrolled in COMM 80 turn in the post-work on Canvas.

If you’re enrolled in COMM 80 you will only receive workshop credit if you complete all the required activities.


You must be on time and present for the entire workshop; you will not earn credit if you are more than 5 minutes tardy or if you leave early.

Be ready to sign in as you arrive; write legibly and (a) indicate your section number if enrolled in COMM 80, and/or (b) indicate your instructor’s name if attending for extra credit.

All SJSU students are welcome to attend workshops!  In the event a workshop location is at capacity, COMM 80 students have priority seating and attendance.